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I want to send a shoutout to all my followers, especially my fellow wordpress bloggers. I am still new at blogging and I’m learning as I go. All of you are a huge help to me, and I look forward to a lot more feedback from you guys. Seriously guys, thank you so much for sticking with me.


Some of the other bloggers on wordpress have been great inspiration to me. So here are my favorite sites so far:

The Pradita Chronicles – a really great site with lots of amazing stories.

Young Meets Free – the author of Young Meets Free isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions in life. I love how he sticks to his opinion while valuing others.

Little Fears – another great story blog.

Kristin Kraves Books – features some awesome book reviews.

I know I’m still small, and I have a long ways to go yet, but this seems like a huge accomplishment right now. I’m so thankful to all of you guys. I hope you keep following me as my blog continues to grow. THANKS!





The Villian

As my story came to a close, I realized that I was the villain all along. I looked down at the wound in my side, and watched as the blood spread like a blooming flower. Tears slid down my cheeks, there was so much pain. As the world began to turn black, I remembered what I did to deserve this.
I guess my coronation was the beginning. It was the first day I had ever held real power, and I had intended to use it against the things that had wronged me in this world. Thieves had taken my family’s fortune, and an angry drunk took my father’s life. Becoming queen was my way of getting back at them, of earning a life worth living. I hadn’t thought about the consequences of that power and all my anger against the world.
As queen, I ruled with an iron fist. I believed my punishments were fairly dealt, though many of my subjects said I was cruel. Looking back now, maybe I was too harsh on my people. Criminals were lucky if they received a flogging, many of them were sentenced to death, and entire villages had been severely punished for crimes against the kingdom. As a child I had seen what these criminals did to people. With how much pain these people caused, and I found it just that they experience that pain for themselves.
Not long afterwards, I became pregnant. I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, the same girl who stood over me now, holding the knife that wounded me. When I first held her, I had sworn to protect her from this world, and all of it’s evil. I had failed to see the darkness in me, and the fault in my thinking. Growing up, I had limited her journey’s to the castle walls. I had imprisoned her within my castle, because I was scared to let her go. Eventually, she escaped and I became terrified for her well-being. I had my knights search the entire kingdom for her, and put out a reward for her return. However, she still evaded my grasp. I couldn’t fathom why she had left me. Didn’t she know how much I loved her? Now I see how I wronged her, how I wronged my kingdom. Maybe I did deserve this after all.
I looked at her face now, pained yet victorious. She was free now, free from me. With the last of my breath, I had one thing left I needed to say. Her eyes met mine, and I could see how relieved she was. “I’m sorry.” It came out a whisper, and as I cried for my daughter, realizing the horror of what I had done, the pain became to great, and the world went black.

The Ballroom

Hidden in among the ladies and gentleman of this particular party, was a scoundrel. The king was hosting a masquerade, the biggest one in years, and a low-life pickpocket spotted his opportunity. He made his way through the crowd with ease. He had become a master of acting and slight of hand. With his mask on tight, he made toasts with the other attendants and made small talk among the men. His night was proving very successful, his own pockets had become filled with pocket watches and coins.

Towards the end of the night, a young lady approached the thief. “Bonjour handsome,” her lips curled into a smile. “Would you like a dance?”

He was taken aback by her offer. The lady was clearly from a rich household. She wore the finest of silks, and a diamond necklace with a silver chain. Even though her face was mostly covered by a mask, her beauty was apparent. Long black hair fell over her shoulders onto a fitted red dress, while her emerald eyes looked him over with curiosity. “Oui, madame,” he laughed. “It would be my pleasure.”

He took her hand, and led her to the center of the ballroom. They began to dance, two strangers in sync.

“I know what you’re doing,” she whispered. “A pickpocket among royalty.” She laughed at him.

“Is that what you are?” he asked. “Royalty?”

“Perhaps.” There was a sparkle in her eyes as she stepped closer to him. He lost his breath for a moment. Her eyes stood out vividly against the darkness of her black mask. They stared at him, and he couldn’t help but stare back. “Does it matter?”

“Not to me.” He smiled as he wondered who on earth this mysterious woman could be.

“Good.” Without hesitating any longer, she pressed her lips against his. As she pulled her head back she whispered to him, “cause I think I’m in love.”